Poland data basesWe are dinamicly evolving direct marketing company established in 2006.

We intercede with rental of domestic and international consumer databases (B2C) and as well as business databases (B2B).
We do telemarketing, prepare inserts, market and public opinion analysys, marketing materials distribution. We also prepare an sms and e-mail mailing.

Our experience allows as to meet expectations of wide international market place.

We cooperate with brokers and vendors of databases from Germany, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Russia and Lithuania.

Our clients are one of the largest financial institutions, publishing houses, automotive industry companies, PR agencies and call centers.
If you need any further information please fill out the form which you will find in the Contact section.

Latest update for foreign companies  - data bases of polish companies

English version
Polish Companies 2012 - Business
140 000 companies, 400 000 managers

Polish Companies 2012 - Marketing
145 000 companies, 400 000 managers

German Version
POLNISCHE FIRMEN 2012 - Business
145 000 Unternehmen, 400 000 Managers

POLNISCHE FIRMEN 2012 - Marketing
145 000 Unternehmen, 400 000 Managers

If you want to buy the database you'll contact us today.

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